Women’s Equality Day 2019: History and Significance

Women's Equality Day is observed on 26 August every year to commemorate the right of women to vote in U.S and also generated an idea of equality between men and women. It is an annual event in the United States. Let us read more about Women's Equality Day, its history, why it is celebrated on 26 August and significance.

Several women's organisations celebrate this day all over the country and work hard to provide women equal opportunities in education and employment.
As we know that without women whole human species would cease to exist. Women bear child and gives birth to a new life. She plays several roles in her life. She is a mother, daughter, wife, sister, teacher, friend etc. She helps her children to grow and teach how to fight against failures, success and how to try again.
Do you know that international studies demonstrate that when the economy and political organisation of a society change, women take the lead in helping the family, she adjust with new realities and challenges.
Women’s Equality Day: History
Before the Civil War in the United States, the movement for women's suffrage was started. Most of the states in U.S by 1830s have extended voting rights from rich white male property owners to just white men regardless of how much property they owned.

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During this time, several civil right movements like anti-slavery, temperance movements, moral movements etc. spread across the country. Women played an important role in the movement.
A group of abolitionists gathered in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 to discuss about the problems that women faces and about the rights of women. You will be amaze to know that this women group also consists of some male. They have decided that American women also deserved their own political identities and were not only extensions of husbands or fathers. In few more years, this movement become stronger. But with due course of time, due to anti-slavery movement, women right movement started losing momentum. But during 1890s, the National American Woman Suffrage Association emerged and it was headed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Idaho and Utah had given women the right to vote before the end of the decades.
Some of the other Western states in 1910 began to give women the right to vote. Also, several Eastern and Southern states refused to give women right to vote. But on 26 August, 1920, 19th Amendment was passed to the United States Constitution which granted women the right to vote. So, we can say that officially on 26 August, 1920, women right to vote became a part of the US constitution.
Let us tell you that first time the Women's Equality Day was celebrated in 1971 after the congress passed a resolution to mark this event annually.
Women's Equality Day: Celebrations
On this day, National Organisation for Women (NOW) called women to demonstrate for equal rights for women and nationwide 'strike for equality'. Various demonstrators hung two 40-foot banners from the crown of the Statue of Liberty. 
Several women's organisations organise seminars, workshops to address the issues and problems faced by women in the country. On this day, in various schools and colleges, students are taught about the struggle and difficult journey that women faced to gain right to vote.
People visit museums that are dedicated to the struggle of women for gaining right to vote. This day is also celebrated by supporting bills that have an impact on women. Also, on this day, women can just register to vote which is the best way to celebrate Women's Equality Day.

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